The Basics of Interior Design

Are you happy with your living space? Do you like how your house interior looks? Have you ever went to your friend’s house only to discover that their living room is the place you would spend the rest of your life?
Having a nice place to come home to is very important, and not all people have the time or the knowledge to make it better. Not all of us are undercover artists and not all of us know how to adjust those little details to make their room or kitchen shine. Luckily, there are some neat tips and tricks anyone can follow and become instant designer.

House as a whole – for start, you need to look at your house as an entity, different rooms connected with corridors and staircases. They all belong together, they all give harmony and they all should reflect that, bringing the same style to create a complete experience to your house. Yes, before going to specific, worry about the experience, because that’s what you want to improve here. Choose a prevailing style, a color palette of up to four colors that you will use in the house and that alone will do miracles.

contemporary-interior-design-living-room3Balance – when looking at the objects in your room, can you feel their weight? We are talking about visual weight, here. To achieve the balance, you can follow the rule of symmetry. Symmetrical rooms will have the same weight distributed on both sides, so if you have a window at the end of the room, there would be a couch on each side. This creates a more traditional and serious approach. Opposing this is asymmetrical distribution where the balance is disturbed with purpose of creating a more exciting and intriguing experience.

Focus – one more thing is important here, and that is a point of interest in your room. If you enter a room above, the one with a window, your eye will notice it first, and if there is nothing around it, your eye will wander away. There is where you make a difference between a boring and exciting room. Creating multiple focal point will make your room more fun to look at and make you look at the space as a piece of art.

Classic Interior Design ConceptsRhythm – if anything can make your space more engaging and interesting it’s the rhythm. And we’re not talking about the music you play. Distributing items in your room so they create a repeating patterns will give your eye and brain something to be distracted with. Series of the same objects repeating are called repetition. You can make repetition more interesting by turning it into progression – changing the shape or size of the objects so they are even more engaging for the viewer.

Tones – creating tonal shift with color or objects is a good thing. This will make your room more interesting. Another good thing is contrast, opposed to tones. Contrast creates harsh difference between two parts, so putting a dark painting on a light wall will break the view and make it less boring.